HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE – حملة توظيف في عدة تخصصات


Quality Production Engineer

Job Requirements
 BAC+5
 Perfect communication skills
 Perfect Command of spoken and written English
 Perfect sense of analysis
 Knowledge of quality tools
Principal activities
 Monitoring and improving the quality indicators of the segment for which he is
 Manage and monitor the evolution of quality indicators related to the segment (internal
PPM, scrap rate, cost of internal quality, number of customer complaints, etc.)

 The implementation and respect of quality standards applicable to Hirschmann
 Monitor and audit the segment (Level 2 and 1 audit process …) in order to detect any
non-conformities and participate in the coordination and closure of associated actions.
 The good management of the team of quality inspectors
 Implementing corrective actions and monitoring their effectiveness within the segment
 The animation of top internal faults (and critical faults) by the segment.

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